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You Need To Transfer Property – Now What?

Top Tips for Transferring your House to your Spouse

Do you need to transfer property from one party to another? We can help. Depending on your circumstances, you will need either:

a) A Standard Transfer

· You need to transfer property from “Parent to Child”, “Husband & Wife” to “Wife Only”, “Sister and Brother” to “Brother Only”, “Business Partners to one sole Partner”, “Friends to one sole Friend”;

· You have no financial agreement or desire to exchange money between parties;

· All parties must be alive, with no court documents.

b) A Court Order / Binding Financial Agreement / Prenuptial Transfer

· You are going through a divorce or going to Court;

· You have stamped and signed Court Orders or a Binding Financial Agreement;

· You are amicable, and on speaking terms with the other party.

c) A Deceased Estate (Deceased Persons) Transfer

· Death of a partner with surviving spouse wanting to assume sole ownership;

· Death of a partner with surviving spouse wanting to add children;

· Transmission, Probate, and Death Certificate have been completed.

You Want To Sell Your Property After A Successful Transfer

· Children inheriting property but opting to sell rather than hold;

· “Death of a Partner” with surviving spouse opting to sell.

What You Need:

A Licensed Conveyancer to make your transfer easy and stress-free!

Call Us About Your Transfer

Give us a call and one of our Licensed Conveyancers will explain the process step by step. To start all we need to know is:

· What type of property is it?

· Who are you transferring to?

· What is the purpose of the transfer?

If your happy with the process and wish to proceed, we can start the process in just a few minutes.

Our transfer process can be done entirely online via phone, post, and email.

There’s no need for you to travel. We’re here to make it easy.

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