The sad truth of what occurs if you die without a Will – Part 3 of 3

After reading part 2 of this article you may be wondering who will inherit your assets if no Will is left.
A pre-determined formula will assist with distributing your assets to certain family members. They will receive a defined percentage despite what your wishes may have been.

Please refer to the table below from the NSW Government Justice – Law Access Website:

As you can see the laws of intestacy may not be adequate to meet your wishes and include all of your family and/or loved ones as you would have directed. This is why a Will is such an important document to have prepared by an experienced Estate Planning Solicitor in accordance with the law.
We go above and beyond at Hunter Legal & Conveyancing to ensure our service includes everything you need to have professional Estate Documents prepared to ensure your loved ones have a stress free process should anything ever happen to you.
We look forward to assisting you to ensure your estate is prepared on time and hassle-free.

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