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Hunter Legal And Conveyancing App

At Hunter Legal & Conveyancing we maintain traditional family values and customer service but are passionate about keeping up with innovative digital processes to accommodate all our client’s needs.

We have now launched our Hunter Legal and Conveyancing App so that our clients can track their Conveyancing matters every step of the way.  With this app, you will always know the status of your matter with real-time updates directly to your phone or computer.  All our clients receive free access and they can see exactly where the matter is up to and what are the next steps.

hunter legal and conveyancing app
Hunter Legal and Conveyancing App

With this App, keeping our clients updated has never been easier. We believe communicating with our clients is very important throughout the whole process of their conveyancing transaction so with this app you can check where your matter is up to in real-time at one central location. You will have access to your dashboard where you can opt to receive push notifications so you will never miss an update again!

Hunter Legal and Conveyancing App

Our App will also show you how your matter is progressing and how close to settling you are.

Every party of your transaction can be linked to this app so not only will our clients be continually updated about their matter, so will all third parties. All transactions can now run even more smoothly and efficiently as all parties will be kept up to date by clicking on this App.

Hunter Legal and Conveyancing App

At Hunter Legal & Conveyancing we are always striving to make this easier for our clients.  If you are selling or purchasing a property now, or in the near future please contact us on 1300 224 828 to get this optimum service that you deserve!

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