What is a Strata Inspection Report & Why Do I Need One?

Strata Inspection Report

You’re looking to purchase a property and someone suggests you get a strata inspection report. You’re already going to outlay a significant sum of money, so it might be tempting to overlook this advice. Our advice to you is that it is worth taking the time to inform yourself or to speak with your Conveyancer […]

Cooling off period vs unconditional exchange

Cooling off period vs unconditional exchange

What do they mean? If you’re new to the property market, sometimes ‘real estate lingo’ can feel a tad overwhelming so that’s why we have put together this comparison for you so you can keep yourself up to date with what we are talking about. What is the Cooling Off Period? You’ve found your dream […]

Conveyancing Process NSW Sale

conveyancing process nsw sale

At Hunter Legal & Conveyancing we understand that the conveyancing process nsw sale can be an overwhelming experience which we aim to simplify for you. Below we have detailed the process from start to finish so you always know the next step throughout your property transaction:- Steps Of Conveyancing Process NSW Sale 1.Drafting a Contract […]

Conveyancing Process NSW- Purchase

conveyancing process nsw purchase

At Hunter Legal & Conveyancing we understand that conveyancing process nsw purchase can be an overwhelming and stressful time. We aim to assist you every step of the way. Below we have detailed the process from start to finish so you always know the next step throughout the property transaction:- Steps Of Conveyancing Process NSW […]

2019 Contract for Sale of Land – What’s Changed

sale of land contract

There are new laws that apply to off-the-plan contracts and these changes are welcomed by Hunter Legal & Conveyancing as they provide stronger protections and greater transparency to purchasers of residential property off-the-plan contracts. These new laws include disclosure requirements. The vendors will have to attach a disclosure statement and draft documents must be attached […]

Hunter Legal & Conveyancing’s 2021 Guide to House & Land Packages!

house and land packages

Someone has probably told you about a ‘house and land package’, but do you know exactly how they work? This guide will provide you with the information you need to answer those questions and put you on the right track to that new home feeling. Types of House and Land Packages When a property developer […]

Building Contracts tips and tricks!

building contracts, discharge authority form

Whilst Building Contracts include the Housing Industry Association (HIA) or Master Builders Association legal requirements, they are large documents and are not always identical from builder to builder. Not all provisions of the Standard Building Contract are fair and reasonable. In our experience, terms and conditions are simply not understood by consumers. If you are […]

Estate Planning – a conversation for your family!

Estate Planning

For many people, estate planning is both a private matter and a morbid topic – not something that parents and their adult children want to discuss. While having these conversations takes a lot of courage, they can help avoid surprises, lead to better financial planning and promote family harmony. Families that speak freely about estate […]

hunter legal mobile conveyancing service

mobile conveyancing

How does Mobile Conveyancing Work? At Hunter Legal & Conveyancing we understand that attending an office isn’t always convenient whilst juggling work, family and other commitments. Which is why we offer a fixed fee mobile service for your convenience. When you call us, you will speak directly with your Conveyancer from the start who will […]

Cooling-Off Period Fact Sheet

Cooling-Off Period Fact Sheet

In those first few days when buying or selling a property, you hear a lot of reference to the cooling-off period. But what exactly is a cooling-off period? What is the cooling off period and what are my rights? A cooling off period gives the purchaser the option to secure the property whilst still enabling […]