What Is Title Insurance and Do You Need It?

What Is Title Insurance

At Hunter Legal & Conveyancing, in addition to providing full property conveyancing services in the Maitland area, we also offer to help our clients set up Title Insurance. Recently, Title Insurance has been becoming a more popular option for individuals purchasing houses or other property. However, despite this growing trend, people are still not entirely […]

When to Call a Conveyancer in Maitland

Call a Conveyancer

WHEN TO CALL A CONVEYANCER IN MAITLAND If you are preparing to purchase a home or sell a property for the first time, then you may not be entirely familiar with the process or the steps that are necessary to finalise the transaction. The size and scope of property transactions are such that you should […]

Get Help Balancing your Busy Lifestyle throughout your property transaction

Property transaction

GET HELP BALANCING YOUR BUSY LIFESTYLE THROUGHOUT YOUR PROPERTY TRANSACTION If you are like the average Australian homebuyer or seller, then you are living a very busy lifestyle juggling family, work and home commitments. Needless to say, it can be difficult to balance all of that and still keep up with what is going on […]

You Need To Transfer Property – Now What?


Top Tips for Transferring your House to your Spouse Do you need to transfer property from one party to another? We can help. Depending on your circumstances, you will need either: a) A Standard Transfer · You need to transfer property from “Parent to Child”, “Husband & Wife” to “Wife Only”, “Sister and Brother” to […]

transferring house title to spouse


Top Tips for Transferring your House to your Spouse It is quite common for couples, either married or in a de facto relationship as well as recently separated, to transfer all or part of the ownership of their matrimonial home between partners or former partners. However, it is not all plain sailing and requires almost as […]

Relaxing During the buying and selling property Process?

Property transaction

Let our Conveyancers & Solicitors take care of buying and selling property for you! Do you want to kick back and relax during the process of buying and selling property?With the right Conveyancers & Solicitors, this is possible. Believe it or not, the process of buying and selling property or a home doesn’t have to […]

Why you Need an Enduring Power of Attorney

Enduring Power of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney is a legal document which authorises a person to make financial decisions on your behalf. This gives you peace of mind that someone you trust will be making these important decisions on your behalf if you are ever unable to make these decisions for yourself. These decisions include but are […]

Getting the keys before settlement – no big deal, right or Wrong?

Getting the keys before settlement

It was once common for the keys to be handed over days or even weeks before the settlement of a property took place. And for that reason, many buyers expect to have early access to a property to start moving in. It can be tricky to coordinate the move from one property to another, but […]

What is a Strata Inspection Report & Why Do I Need One?

Strata Inspection Report

You’re looking to purchase a property and someone suggests you get a strata inspection report. You’re already going to outlay a significant sum of money, so it might be tempting to overlook this advice. Our advice to you is that it is worth taking the time to inform yourself or to speak with your Conveyancer […]

Cooling off period vs unconditional exchange

Cooling off period vs unconditional exchange

What do they mean? If you’re new to the property market, sometimes ‘real estate lingo’ can feel a tad overwhelming so that’s why we have put together this comparison for you so you can keep yourself up to date with what we are talking about. What is the Cooling Off Period? You’ve found your dream […]