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When to Call a Conveyancer in Maitland


If you are preparing to purchase a home or sell a property for the first time, then you may not be entirely familiar with the process or the steps that are necessary to finalise the transaction. The size and scope of property transactions are such that you should secure professional assistance early to help you through the process, review your contracts and avoid common pitfalls.

Usually, a Conveyancer fills that professional assistance role, but when is the right time to call a Conveyancer for your property transaction in NSW, and how will that person help you along the way towards a successful purchase or sale?

The Do’s and Dont’s of Hiring a Conveyancer

Whether you are buying or selling a property, the first person you’re probably working with is a real estate agent. An agent can help broker the sale of your home or property or can assist you in finding a property that suits your every want and needs.

Once your property buying or selling process starts getting close to the transaction stage then comes the time to call a Conveyancer. Specifically, before you sign any form of contract or make any commitment to your transaction, consult a Licensed Conveyancer.

A qualified and licenced conveyancer will be able to prepare the Contract of Sale (if you are selling) or review the same documents (if you are buying). Also, on the sale side, a Conveyancer will be the one to help you negotiate the release of your mortgage from the bank. 

On the buying side, a Conveyancer will help you to amend the contract in ways that are favourable to you, such as by inserting terms or conditions of sale into the formal legal document.

Hiring the right Conveyancer for your property transaction in NSW will help you to make smarter, well-informed decisions about the sale or purchase agreement. In turn, making those smarter and better-informed decisions about the Contract of Sale will lead to a smoother settlement process on the real estate transaction—free of unwanted surprises or last-minute disasters.

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