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Separation can be complicated and difficult for those who have been met with irreconcilable differences in their relationship.

The team at Hunter Legal & Conveyancing have extensive experience in the legal field of separation and have the skills and knowledge to guide clients through this process with direction and care. Our expert family law team is able to help you negotiate property division, parenting plans, consent orders or other necessary parenting arrangements.

We have extensive experience in the mediation process and are able to assist you and ensure that you are comfortable in the process, all of your concerns are addressed and any agreement that may be reached is correctly and efficiently documented. If a resolution cannot be reached, we have an expert team that can assist you in providing court representation.

We are able to assist in the drafting of the documents required to commence or respond to court proceedings, provide you with clear and concise advice as to reasonable and likely settlement options and represent you in Court proceedings. We are also able to brief experienced barristers where required to assist with the running of more complicated matters.

For Married Couples Seeking a Divorce

Married couples who have determined their relationship is no longer working, are met with a variety of options including: counselling, legal separation, and divorce. From a legal perspective there is a method and an order in which this delicate process must be handled. We provide an expert team of educated and proficient lawyers to assist parties through this difficult time.

For De-Facto Couples Seeking a Separation

De-facto relationships are defined as a couple who are living together for at least two years on a genuine domestic basis.

De-facto couples seeking separation often have many of the same challenges as married couples, but the legal ramifications may be different, including time limitation periods for a matters resolution.

The experienced Family Law team at Hunter Legal & Conveyancing are able to help any member of a failed relationship, regardless of the situation reach a peaceful resolution of separation or divorce.