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What Is It?

Probate is a court order confirming that a will is valid and gives the executor legal authority to deal with the assets of the estate. In the circumstance where a person dies without a will, a spouse, defacto, child or other close family relative can apply to the Supreme Court for Letters of Administration to be appointed as administrator of the estate.  

Why Is It Necessary?

Probate becomes necessary for example when there is real property in the estate, where there is a dispute with respect to the provisions of the will or if an asset holder such as a bank or insurance company require that probate be obtained prior to releasing the assets to the estate.  

How We Can Help:

Making an application for Probate or Letters of Administration in the Supreme Court can quickly become cumbersome for family members of the deceased because of the requirements, paperwork and steps involved in obtaining probate. Coutts makes this process simple by taking out all of the guesswork and completing this process on your behalf.    An experienced lawyer from Hunter Legal and Conveyancing on your side will bring both experience and the expertise to work through an application to obtain a grant of Probate and Letters of Administration for you and your family.