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Parenting Matters

In the realm of separation or divorce, we place the upmost importance on the children involved.

Under the Family Law Act, the primary consideration associated with parenting arrangements is the children’s best interests. This may include where and with whom the children live and how they spend time with their other parent.

At Hunter Legal & Conveyancing we ensure that the children’s best interests are at the forefront of any negotiations we enter into regarding “living arrangements” or “spend time with” arrangements. Since Court Proceedings cannot be commenced for children’s issues without mediation, our lawyers can assist you with arranging time-effective and cost-effective mediation, and if required, can even attend at mediation with you for legal and moral support.

Should attempts at mediation fail then our lawyers have the experience required to guide you through the daunting Family Law Court process. We also have great working relationships with experienced barristers if need be.

At Hunter Legal and Conveyancing we provide a compassionate and understanding legal team that will provide support and care for our clients.